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With new life comes excitement.  A promise of change, a vibrant expectation, the notion that from this moment nothing will be the same…  Or will it ?

As the days get longer and the rain and cold spells shorter, the lush, green, winter landscape makes way for a different kind of green in the Cape Winelands.   The soft, gentle green that says it is time for a fresh flow of wines to be cultivated and trees to get dressed in their smartest summer suits.

Vividly bright colours are popping out of wild meadows and cultivated gardens alike.  It is a show of colour and nature has treated everyone to front row seats.  It is an electric orchestra and the vibrations of this new life are stirring man and beast to join on the dance floor.

In Franschhoek there is nothing strange or uncommon about meeting world class chefs meandering through meadows, searching and foraging.  With pride they will showcase their baskets of treasures before heading to town to start a day of preparation.  Wild flowers for decorations, herbs for ingredients and mushrooms for luck, everyone is embracing this new life.

As a winter wonderland unfolds and urges Spring to bring with it an explosion of new life, it also brings an indisputable knowledge of the delicate balance with which this was all created.

New life,  so many possibilities. . .